NASE Staff

Meet the NASE staff members working to help and support you in growing your business every day.

Keith R. Hall

President and Chief Executive Officer

Keith was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1981. He began his career with the public accounting firm of KPMG and has worked with and on behalf of the NASE since 1991. Of his many duties with the NASE, his passion remains answering tax and financial questions every day directly from NASE members via Ask the Experts.

John K. Hearrell

Vice President of Membership & Affiliate Programs

John has been affiliated with the NASE since 1990. He is responsible for member benefit procurement, benefit compliance, partner marketing, website analytics and leads marketing. 

Katie Vlietstra

Vice President for Government Relations and Public Affairs

Katie, a native Californian, has lived and worked in Washington, D.C. for over nine years. Her professional experience includes working in the D.C. Office of Triadvocates, Office of Governor Rick Perry, and WorldatWork. In all of her positions, Katie utilizes her knowledge of the policy, politics, and process, to advance key legislative initiatives. One day, Katie will publish the next great American novel, until then, she is thrilled to be advocating on behalf of the self-employed. 


Melissa Alford


Melissa was born and raised in Southwest Kansas and graduated from the University of West Florida at Pensacola in 1996. She has worked in several different industry's including airline, retail, hospitality, engineering and e-commerce. 

Thom Childers

Director of Software Development

Thom, originally from California, came to Texas in the 80's and graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1989.  He has worked in Information Technology in the Finance, Software, and Healthcare Information industries over the last 25 years.  Thom is responsible for all Software Development for NASE internal and web based systems.

Cameron Brown

The "IT" Guy

Just your average IT person.
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Scott P. Stryker

Senior Manager of Membership and Communication

Scott is responsible for the daily operations of the Washington, D.C., office of the NASE. In addition to operations, Scott coordinates publications, social media and educational webinars.  He also works closely with both the VP of Government Affairs and the VP of Membership.

Rosie Farris

Accounts Payable/Office Admin Manager

Rosie is the Accounts Payable / Office Admin Manager of the NASE. Rosie is responsible for the accounts payable coding, processing, and reconciliations; supports office administration; coordinates traveling arrangements for employees and directors, and submits state filings.

To contact NASE staff members, please call: 800-232-6273


Photo credits: Shealah Craighead, Shealah Craighead Photography; Scott Young, Scott Young Photography